February 06, 2016


Watch JOHNY HENDRICKS vs STEPHEN THOMPSON full fight video directly here! Victor Rodriguez: Upon his arrival in the UFC, much was made about Thompson's kickboxing accolades despite some detractors pointing out that his point-based style was perhaps inflated, to put it politely. He had a sensational debut against Dan Stittgen but hit his ceiling hard when fighting the closest thing the UFC has to a T-1000 at welterweight in Matt Brown. After struggling in his next outing against Nah-Shon Burrell, he's rattled off some impressive wins and his Chuck Norris-style finish of Jake Ellenberger was outstanding. His striking is looser and his approach is more measured, plus he's got great takedown defense and stronger than he looks, plus he trains with Weidman and company under the tutelage of Ray Longo. It just might not be enough if Hendricks decides to implement the same gameplan he used against the aforementioned Brown by grinding out an ugly win. Unless Johny gets too confident in his standup and Stephen can capitalize on it, Johny might give him that work in a hideous protracted win, even with a rough weight cut (because let's face it, none of us will be surprised if that happens). Johny Hendricks via "I'm so glad this wasn't on PPV" decision. JOHNY HENDRICKS vs STEPHEN THOMPSON FIGHT VIDEO


Watch ROY NELSON vs JARED ROSHOLT full fight video directly here! Anton Tabuena: I know there were injuries, but this is legitimately one of the worst co-mains in a very long time. Nelson either bombs him early, or we're in for an ugly slow grapplefest. I'm hoping it's the former. Roy Nelson by KO. Mookie Alexander: Nelson either gets a 1st round KO or Rosholt wins a unanimous decision. Plain and simple. I'll gamble on the latter mostly because as much as Rosholt's wins aren't impressive, Nelson's only good wins in the last 5 years are Cheick Kongo and short-notice Matt Mitrione. Wrestling wins out. Jared Rosholt via unanimous decision. ROY NELSON vs JARED ROSHOLT FIGHT VIDEO

February 01, 2016


Watch SAGE NORTHCUTT vs BRYAN BARBERENA full fight video directly here! Mookie Alexander: Just saying, if Sage Northcutt is thinking about a permanent move to welterweight, I have a Diaz brother on line 1 with a few words for him. Anyway, Barberena is a decent fighter at lightweight and could pose some problems for Northcutt on the feet, but taking this fight on short notice against a much better, higher-upside athlete doesn't really persuade me into going with the upset here. Sage Northcutt via kindness. SAGE NORTHCUTT vs BRYAN BARBERENA FIGHT VIDEO

January 30, 2016

Josh Barnett vs Ben Rothwell

Watch Josh Barnett vs Ben Rothwell full fight video directly here! Ryan Bader has changed from being a meat'n'potatoes, overhand'n'double leg wrestler into a skilled and intelligent outfighter. The fighter he most resembles nowadays is (don't laugh) GSP- from a lowered base he fires a crisp, sneaky jab, and when opponents rush in he comes with the counter takedown. He's not quite like GSP of course- his jab is not as hard or as long, but Bader does still have a pretty crushing right hand, something which St-Pierre lost when he specialized in the jab and hook. He also has a number of ways that he throws that right, including a sneaky shovel punch and even an admittedly clunky version of the dart, where he briefly switches stances and then moves out on an angle. Possibly his worst habit is around that right, though- a tendency to wing the uppercut when his back is to the fence. Josh Barnett vs Ben Rothwell FIGHT VIDEO


Watch ANTHONY JOHNSON vs RYAN BADER full fight video directly here! I'm glad your memory is as fond as mine of the Kevin Burns bouts. That switch kick knockout of Burns is one of the more sudden snuff moments in the UFC. Burns kind of deserved it, cosmically speaking. It's funny because when I think of Johnson, I don't think about the cold weather of submission grappling. I think about Vitor Belfort's stand offish personality. As in, he seemed to always have that ceiling of a high event fighter in a low event IQ (this feels vaguely racist so I'll stop there). Yet somehow he's past the point of diminishing returns. He's basically Clubber Lang at this point. ANTHONY JOHNSON vs RYAN BADER FIGHT VIDEO

January 29, 2016


Watch PAUL DALEY vs ANDY UHRICH full fight video directly here! The notorious Englishman will be looking to continue his winning ways in Bellator MMA when he faces Andy Uhrich. "Semtex" is on a four fight winning streak, with his last win coming by TKO over Dennis Olson. Daley (37-13-2) is a massive favorite on the betting lines heading into the fight. His opponent, Andy Uhrich, is making his return to Bellator MMA after putting together a three-fight winning streak outside of the promotion. Uhrich (11-5) won his Bellator debut in 2012, but was released after losing back-to-back fights. PAUL DALEY vs ANDY UHRICH FIGHT VIDEO

January 17, 2016

T.J. Dillashaw vs Dominick Cruz

UFC Fight Night 81 - Watch T.J. Dillashaw vs Dominick Cruz full fight video directly here! TJ Dillashaw and Dominick Cruz take different approaches when they step into the octagon. Dillashaw, the reigning UFC bantamweight champion, isn’t afraid of coming out on the attack, looking for a quick decision. Cruz, on the other hand, plays a more defensive style and dances around a bit, waiting for his opponent to make a mistake and then punish it. Cruz’s fights usually last a bit longer, too. Just two of his last 10 bouts went two rounds or fewer, while six of Dillashaw’s 13 career fights have gone less than three rounds. Dillashaw believes if his Jan. 17 fight against Cruz in UFC Fight Night Boston at TD Garden is a quick one, he’ll be the one celebrating. “It might be a short fight, but the only way it’s going to be short is if I finish it,” Dillashaw told NESN.com on Thursday. “Cruz isn’t a guy who’s coming out to finish fights, he’s coming out to get a decision and run around. He’s not the most entertaining fighter. I think he had his first finish, and it was against (Takeya Mizugaki) in his last fight. That’s not his style. “If the fight’s getting finished, it’s definitely by me. I’ll be victorious that night.” There has been plenty of trash talk between the fighters in the months leading up to this showdown. One of the narratives from Cruz’s side is that Dillashaw has mimicked his style, which he discussed during a Wednesday interview on 98.5 The Sports Hub’s “Toucher & Rich” morning show. Dillashaw believes that claim is ridiculous. “It’s kind of funny because — did he invent fighting?” he said. “I don’t think he invented movement, or a jab or a takedown. Those are all things I mix together and do really well. He likes to ride on my coattails and say I did it because of him.” A case could be made that Cruz will be the best opponent Dillashaw has faced in his UFC career. Cruz was the bantamweight champ and successfully defended his title before having it stripped from him in 2014 when he was unable to fight because of injuries. But Dillashaw knows what it’s like to defend his title. He has done it twice, in fact, and that experience will help him in his next title fight against Cruz. “You definitely learn (how to prepare) the night of the fight, but the pressure building up to it, doing all the media, talking about the fight,” Dillashaw said. “You just get more and more used to it. It just comes with the territory, and you have fun with it.” T.J. Dillashaw vs Cruz FIGHT VIDEO

Eddie Alvarez vs Anthony Pettis

Watch Eddie Alvarez vs Anthony Pettis full fight video directly here! It looks like Eddie Alvarez isn't impressed about the lack of respect he's getting. The former Bellator lightweight champion is coming off one of the biggest wins of his career over Gilbert Melendez, and it earned him a fight with former UFC champ Anthony Pettis in January. But on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Alvarez stated that he was confused as to why fans would pick Pettis over him (transcription via MMA Mania): "As an ex-champion myself, it's always the most highly-motivated, well-trained person you are going to go against. Coming off a loss for your title, you are the most motivated, you're waking up early, going to bed late. It's just one of those things where you want to get back and prove to fans and prove to the world that you're a champion. And, I'm expecting that guy, but that guy won't be good enough. Not in Boston, not against me. I just don't feel however he comes back, the guy he comes back like will not be good enough against myself. It's just not going to happen. I'm baffled by fan's perception of this fight, but it makes me more excited to go out there and do what I am about to do. It's just, I don't realize how and where fans come up with these predictions. To me, this guy is super popular and they think the world of him, or I don't know. Maybe I'm seeing something they're not seeing. But we'll see. The truth will come in January." This will be Pettis' first fight back since he dropped his title to Rafael dos Anjos in March. The bout between Alvarez and Pettis hasn't been officially announced by the UFC, but is likely to take place at UFC Fight Night 81 in Boston on January 17th. That card will be headlined by a UFC bantamweight title fight between T.J. Dillashaw and former champ Dominick Cruz. Eddie vs Pettis FULL FIGHT VIDEO

Travis Browne vs Matt Mitrione

Watch Travis Browne vs Matt Mitrione full fight video directly here! Rebounding heavyweights Matt Mitrione and Travis Browne have been waiting a while to get their next fights booked in, and are now finally confirmed to face off on January 17, 2016 in Boston. ‘Hapa’ hasn’t seen any action since his rivetting TKO loss against Andrei Arlovski at UFC 187, and ‘Meathead’ has been decommissioned since getting choked out by Ben Rothwell this pat June in New Orleans. Mitrione had been tirelessly campaigning for a fight over social media, but the heavyweight division has been so tied up that it seemed his calls for action would go unanswered. Browne’s situation was far more serious, as he was under investigation by the UFC for allegations of domestic violence by his wife. Rumours of the big Hawaiian slugger dating Ronda Rousey caused a bit of a stir too, but now he’s back in action against Mitrione. They’ll meet on the UFC Fight Night 81 card, headlined by the return of Dominick Cruz as he takes on bantamweight boss TJ Dillashaw. Also confirmed for the event is Ed ‘Short Fuse’ Herman and Tim ‘The Barbarian’ Boetsch, who will collide in a middleweight bout. Browne vs Mitrione FULL FIGHT VIDEO

January 16, 2016


INVICTA 15 - Watch Cristiane Justino Cyborg vs Daria Ibragimova full fight video directly here! In a press release issued on Monday, Invicta FC has announced plans for their next event which will take place live from the Hangar at OC Fair in Costa Mesa, CA. on Saturday, January 16th. The event will feature two title bouts including Cristiane "Cyborg" Justino taking on Russian Grappler Daria Ibragimova for the Invicta featherweight title as well as a strawweight title fight between champion Livia Renata Souza taking on DeAnna "The Argentinian Assassin" Bennett. Cyborg vs Ibragimova FULL FIGHT VIDEO

January 11, 2016

Nina Ansaroff vs Justine Kish

Watch Nina Ansaroff vs Justine Kish full fight video directly here! Ansaroff is a good athlete and has some potential, but she has way way too many bad habits that cost her heavy in rounds. She defaults to spinning strikes when she's getting backed into the cage, she's too willing to grapple from guard, and while she has a powerful, diverse kicking game, she often walks herself out of range and into the pocket where she can be pretty easily nullified. I'm not sure how Kish will look after all this time off, but she seems like a very patient, controlled, technical fighter and a great athlete to boot. Justine Kish via decision. Nina Ansaroff vs Justine Kish FIGHT VIDEO

Diego Brandao vs Brian Ortega

Watch Diego Brandao vs Brian Ortega full fight video directly here! Brandao is better than a lot of people think, yet his cardio and fight IQ will be the biggest things working against him. Ortega's got a great ground game, but grappling while getting hit by a guy like Diego will prove to be quite difficult, and getting there is another bag of questions entirely, because pulling guard in some crazy scramble will not be a reliable plan. Let's also remember that Brandao can throw some crazy bombs with his tendency to brawl. I really don't think Ortega's going to resist the urge to get into a dogfight with him, which will lead to ugly things as a result. Brandao by TKO, round 2. Diego Brandao vs Brian Ortega FIGHT VIDEO

Drew Dober vs Scott Holtzman

Watch Drew Dober vs Scott Holtzman full fight video directly here! Holtzman is the better athlete and the more "natural" fighter, but he's incredibly raw and really not technically good anywhere yet. Dober is a functional if not outstanding high output kickboxer and I think he's just a good enough athlete to barely out maneuver Holtzman for a tough split decision in a fight that Holtzman probably wins a couple years down the road. Drew Dober by Decision. Drew Dober vs Scott Holtzman FIGHT VIDEO

Abel Trujillo vs Tony Sims

Watch Abel Trujillo vs Tony Sims full fight video directly here! Sure there's a chance that Abel Trujillo just sparks Sims out in the opening round. Trujillo is the way better athlete and a competent technical striker, when his head is on straight. But, Trujillo is also a bit of mess when he gets tagged and he's going to be fighting a cleaner boxer who probably has a better chin and certainly seems to fight more consistently. I have a feeling this is going to be a very bad loss for Trujillo as he looks dominant early, gets stunned with a hard shot and then falls to pieces for a TKO loss. Tony Sims via TKO Round 2. Abel Trujillo vs Tony Sims FIGHT VIDEO

Michinori Tanaka vs Joe Soto

Watch Michinori Tanaka vs Joe Soto full fight video directly here! The only guys that have beat Soto in his career have generally been big punchers that can knock him out. That's not Tanaka. Tanaka is a flashier grappler, but Soto is a pretty lock down position over submission guy and I think he uses that to maneuver his way to a submission win. Joe Soto via submission. Michinori Tanaka vs Joe Soto FIGHT VIDEO