August 20, 2016


Watch CONOR McGREGOR vs NATE DIAZ 2 full fight video directly here! Victor Rodriguez: Yeesh. The first fight saw some great back and forth action where Diaz punished McGregor for not respecting his range and power, thinking he could simply outbox Nate. Problem is, it’s really hard for me to see the fight going the same way. See - historically, anyone that tries to outbox a Diaz brother eats it. Michael Johnson? Check. Takanori Gomi? Check. Donald Cerrone? Double check. Gray Maynard? For the love of everything holy, never again. Yet for all their faults, Kavanagh and McGregor could very well learn to avoid that deadly jab and the ensuing setups, learn to fluster Nate and actually put the pressure on him as needed to get the win. Nate’s gotten a lot better at checking leg kicks, though. Not only that, but he may not be much of a wrestler, but can work takedowns of caught kicks and work his superior grappling game. Still can’t see myself going against a focused McGregor, because he’s defied so many crazy expectations up until now. I’ll probably hate myself for this, but let it roll. Conor McGregor by TKO, round 4. CONOR McGREGOR vs NATE DIAZ 2 FIGHT VIDEO

July 23, 2016


Watch HOLLY HOLM vs VALENTINA SHEVCHENKO full fight video directly here! Eddie Mercado: Footwork wins fights. Since both competitors look oddly similar from their backs, this could come down to who lands on top first. Holly's movement seems to be the X factor in this fight. Holly Holm by Unanimous Decision. HOLLY HOLM vs VALENTINA SHEVCHENKO FIGHT VIDEO

July 11, 2016


Watch BROCK LESNAR vs MARK HUNT full fight video directly here! Anton Tabuena: For all the talk about Brock's sickness, not dealing with Diverticulitis anymore doesn't mean he suddenly becomes 10 years younger, or better at fighting after not training for years. Getting past that disease doesn't even mean he'll look the same as he did when he was champion either. Brock will be taller and the better athlete, but at 38-years-old, with 4 and a half years outside the Octagon and 6 years from his last win, how much does he have left? Apart from those question marks, there's also the fact that this is a really bad match up for him stylistically. Hunt will have a significant striking advantage, and has excellent takedown defense. And while Brock is most dangerous when he gets good position, he hasn't exactly been the best MMA wrestler out there. I hope Lesnar can make it interesting, but I think Hunt circles away and properly defends Lesnar's bull rushes, and ends up clipping him on the feet en route to a finish. Mark Hunt by TKO. ## vs ##BROCK LESNAR vs MARK HUNT FIGHT VIDEO

July 09, 2016


Watch DANIEL CORMIER vs ANDERSON SILVA full fight video directly here! Fraser: To be clear here, Cormier is a terrible stylistic match-up for Silva, Silva hasn't been training, flew in to Vegas yesterday, and even if he has been training, is far removed from his best. But he's still Anderson Silva, and I don't pick against him. Anderson Silva, KO, R1 Jed: From a promotional standpoint this is the best fight they could have made but holy shit this is sanctioned murder. Andy Silver has fallen off a cliff athletically and he's now fighting DC on 2 days notice when he is coming off of surgery and hasn't been training? In his prime I still favor Cormier to win this fight. Tomorrow? This is gonna look like DC vs. Hendo. DC by mauling, round 2. DANIEL CORMIER vs ANDERSON SILVA FIGHT VIDEO

Claudia Gadelha vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk

Watch Claudia Gadelha vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk full fight video directly here! Claudia Gadelha vs Joanna Jedrzejczyk FIGHT VIDEO

July 07, 2016


Watch RAFAEL DOS ANJOS vs EDDIE ALVAREZ full fight video directly here! Eddie Mercado: In Alvarez's UFC debut, we saw him get controlled on the ground a bit by the likes of Donald Cerrone. RDA can potentially present an even greater threat on the ground than Cowboy did. On the flip side, Dos Anjos hasn't faced an opponent with a heavy handed kickboxing game since, well, Jeremy Stephens back at UFC 91 in 2008. Yes Anthony Pettis can kickbox. Yes Cowboy can throw straights and kick his ass off. Yes Nate Diaz just put hands on Conor. Those fighters are technically sound strikers yet were overcome by the aggression of Dos Anjos. Eddie Alvarez is a different type of striker that throws bolos with bad intentions. With that being said, I cannot see alvarez taking a backwards step without returning some heat of his own. If Eddie can snuff out the early takedown attempts and make RDA taste the power, I can see him getting the TKO finish. Eddie Alvarez by TKO, round 2. RAFAEL DOS ANJOS vs EDDIE ALVAREZ FIGHT VIDEO

Roy Nelson vs Derrick Lewis

Phil Mackenzie: Derrick Lewis is big and a ridiculous athlete for the division. He's also not a quick starter or defensively responsible or (and let's be honest) good. He's beaten grapplers by physically overpowering them rather than by using footwork to avoid shots. He's beaten strikers by... Derrick Lewis has never beaten strikers. You beat Roy Nelson by avoiding his offense, you don't beat him by absorbing it then being huge and scary. I know people want to believe in a beautiful future of exceptional heavyweight athletes who actually learn how to fight, and that's a wonderful dream but a fragile and ephemeral one, which can be adequately shattered by a fat greybeard who throws one punch. Roy Nelson by KO, round 1. Roy Nelson vs Derrick Lewis FIGHT VIDEO

June 19, 2016


Watch RORY MACDONALD vs STEPHEN THOMPSON full fight video directly here! Zane Simon: Thompson’s got a ton of momentum behind him right now, but MacDonald has the much better, more proven performance track record against elite opposition. I think this fight could look a bit like the Cote fight for Thompson, except against a much higher output, more technical striker at range. Which is to say, I think that MacDonald can do enough on the outside to keep Thompson a bit stalled out. Rory Mac has faster hands, moves well off the jab, and is really consistent about fighting long at range. He could get caught and hurt early and give Thompson the momentum he needs to take over and KO him. But, I don’t think that happens. And if it doesn’t, I see a relatively even early fight that MacDonald is much better equipped to take over late. Rory MacDonald via decision. RORY MACDONALD vs STEPHEN THOMPSON FIGHT VIDEO

June 18, 2016


Watch FEDOR EMELIANENKO vs FABIO MALDONADO full fight video directly here! According to Russian outlet, Fight Nights promoter Kamil Gadzhiev opted not to conduct doping tests for the June 17 clash. Fight Nights does not regularly undergo drug testing for the fighters on their shows and they did not see any reason to make an exception this time around. FEDOR EMELIANENKO vs FABIO MALDONADO FIGHT VIDEO

June 04, 2016


Watch MICHAEL BISPING vs LUKE ROCKHOLD 2 full fight video directly here! Eddie Mercado: When did I become such a Michael Bisping fan? I distinctly remember a sense of justice when Dan Henderson landed his patented H-Bomb plus one for good measure on the Brit back in 2009. I had a sense of elation when Vitor Belfort blasted the Count with a head kick in 2013. I remember being pissed off by the infamous eye poke that ended the career of Alan Belcher. I was even somewhat unimpressed with Bisping’s stoppage of Cung Le. So what happened to my disdain? Where did it go? I believe it started to vanish after the Count’s post fight interview with Dan Hardy following his second round loss to Luke Rockhold at UFC FN 55. The humility on display by Bisping seemed to wash away all of my dislike for the abundance of dickish remarks and my annoyance levels for the Count began to subside. Holy shit! Was I actually rooting for Michael Bisping to beat Anderson Silva in London? Have I really become a Michael Bisping fan? OMG I have! This cognitive dissonance I am enduring should deem my pick here untrustworthy. Michael Bisping, Split Decision. MICHAEL BISPING vs LUKE ROCKHOLD 2 FIGHT VIDEO

May 29, 2016

Thomas Almeida vs Cody Garbrandt

Watch Thomas Almeida vs Cody Garbrandt full fight video directly here! Jed Meshew: This fight is hot fire and I hate every minute of it. Both Almeida and Garbrandt are top shelf prospects and shouldn’t be fighting one another. I don’t know why Sean Shelby and Joe Silva insist on making prospects death matches but I’d rather they fight down the road when both have more seasoning. Anyway, Almeida is dope and Garbrandt is on his way to dopeness. Almeida’s has a diverse array of attacks on the feet but is somewhat reckless and hittable. Garbrandt has better defense but is less offensively potent and is vulnerable during protracted exchanges. If Almeida gets hurt early, as he is wont to do, then Garbrandt could easily finish him but I think Almeida’s willingness to attack the body will slow Garbrandt down and open him up for head shots later in the fight. Head shots by Thomas Almeida mean knock outs. Almeida by KO, round 3. Thomas Almeida vs Cody Garbrandt FIGHT VIDEO

May 14, 2016


Watch FABRICIO WERDUM vs STIPE MIOCIC full fight video directly here! Jed Meshew: I suppose Miocic can win this but I just don’t see this. Aside from wrestling I favor Werdum in almost every other category. On the feet, Werdum has better kicks, is about even with Stipe at range, and has a significant advantage in the clinch. Stipe’s defense is probably better than Werdum’s but Werdum’s chin is very durable and Miocic has never shown real one-hitter quitter power. Miocic can maybe find some success taking Werdum down and working on top – if Mark Hunt did it Miocic certainly can – but everyone seems terrified of doing that. And if Werdum ends up on top of Miocic he is going to have a real bad night. Throw in the fact that Rafael Cordeiro is a brilliant tactical coach and Werdum will be making the better in-fight adjustments and I just don’t see the upset happening. Werdum by submission, round 3. FABRICIO WERDUM vs STIPE MIOCIC FIGHT VIDEO

May 08, 2016


Watch ALISTAIR OVEREEM vs ANDREI ARLOVSKI full fight video directly here! Victor Rodriguez: Four years ago, I wouldn't have seen this coming. Overeem came into the UFC after being poached from Strikeforce as their heavyweight champ, having won the not-so-meaningful (I'm being polite here) DREAM title right after winning the K-1 Grand Prix. His stock was higher than ever as he took on the former king Brock Lesnar, sending him back to the WWE with body shots that bordered on vulgar. Then he stumbled as his jaw crumbled in various fights that he shouldn't have lost against the likes of Travis Browne and Ben Rothwell, as his MMA deficiencies were on display. By the time he fought Junior dos Santos as the UFC very clearly planned, it was few years too late and we got a calculated performance capped by a stunning KO that at this point seems to say more about Junior's deficiencies than it does about Overeem's improvements. Arlovski came back from the brink of irrelevancy after various infamous knockouts to a lackluster decision win he didn't earn against Brendan Schaub but a sensational barnburner against the aforementioned Travis Browne as well as a stunning (at the time) KO over Bigfoot Silva. Despite his last loss to Miocic, Arlovski has both Jackson and Winklejohn in his corner, as well as spry movement and great combination work while Overeem keeps looking for the one-shot kill. Both have suspect chins, but Arlovski's really worked on better defensive habits and knows he needs an emphatic win to get the title shot he wants. How's taste my punch-punch? Andrei Arlovski by KO, R2. ALISTAIR OVEREEM vs ANDREI ARLOVSKI FIGHT VIDEO

April 23, 2016


Watch JON JONES vs OVINCE SAINT PREUX full fight video directly here! Nick Baldwin: So, Ovince Saint Preux is getting that title shot we all imagined he would at one point. He has two recent losses on his record though, which were very eye-opening. Jones should be able to get OSP to the mat and choke him out in the opening rounds. Hopefully, he chooses to stand to make it more exciting, but as far as a result goes, nothing changes. Jones can knock Saint Preux, Jones can submit Saint Preux, Jones can decision Saint Preux. Even if the ghost of Jon Jones is the one we see on Saturday, he should still win easily. OSP's only hope is... bring on them 12-6 elbows! Jon Jones via Submission; Round 2 JON JONES vs OVINCE SAINT PREUX FIGHT VIDEO